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Biourbanism Lab discipline unveiled

Prosperity by design: Introducing McGregor Coxall’s fourth discipline

Cities are the answer to climate emergency: ‘Biourbanism :: Cities as Nature’ launched in Sydney

Following a successful global launch in London last year, Adrian McGregor, Founder and Chief Design Officer at McGregor Coxall, Adjunct Professor at the University of Canberra, and highly awarded Landscape Architect, launched his new book ‘Biourbanism :: Cities as Nature’ in Sydney.

NLA x Biourbanism | Five minutes with Adrian McGregor

David Taylor talks to Adrian McGregor, landscape architect and founder and chief design officer of McGregor Coxall about his forthcoming book Biourbanism – Cities as nature: a resilience model for anthromes.

Biourbanism Case Study: Shenshan Biocity

With its emphasis on a healthy environment, Shenshan can support both older and younger generations of families who want to live in close proximity.

Welcome to Biourbanism

Together, let’s change the course of history.

Let’s create cities that will change the course of history.

Chapter One outlines the history of cities, their rise and fall, and their dependence on the environment for survival.

Chapter Two examines the myriad of challenges facing cities today and is a call to action.

Chapter Three outlines the inner workings of the Biourbanism framework, while chapter Four is a road map for deploying the principles of Biourbanism and setting them into action.

Chapter four is a road map for deploying the principles of Biourbanism.