Author - Biourbanism.

Adrian McGregor

Chief Design Officer, McGregor Coxall
Adjunct Professor, University of Canberra

Adrian McGregor is a landscape architect and biourbanist. He is the founder and Chief Design Officer of McGregor Coxall, a design firm located in Australia and the UK dedicated to assisting cities achieve resilient prosperity.

Selected as one of Sydney’s ‘100 Most Creative People’ and recipient of the Prime Minister of Australia’s Urban Design award, he has designed new cities, lectured, and delivered award-winning projects across the world.

Let’s create cities that will change the course of history.

Chapter One outlines the history of cities, their rise and fall, and their dependence on the environment for survival.

Chapter Two examines the myriad of challenges facing cities today and is a call to action.

Chapter Three outlines the inner workings of the Biourbanism framework, while chapter Four is a road map for deploying the principles of Biourbanism and setting them into action.

Chapter four is a road map for deploying the principles of Biourbanism.